1000 Gifts & Counting

  1. Jesus
  2. Tangled hair that went to be wet
  3. Backs of sisters, side by side
  4. Two pairs of eyes reading the Word in unison
  5. Warmth of fireplace
  6. Creative play of little girl
  7. God’s Word alive and active
  8. Crisp, fresh pages of the Text
  9. Starbucks
  10. Time with God
  11. Honking of geese
  12. Mist across pond in sunrise
  13. Budding of trees
  14. Springs’ first flower: tulips
  15. Watering in pajamas
  16. Compassionate golden head extending grace
  17. Strength to battle strong, suborn will
  18. Green tractor in field
  19. Smell of fresh paint
  20. Smell of fresh baked bread
  21. Kidney match for Micah
  22. Smile of an 11-year old
  23. Neighbor girls to play with: Emma, Ellie
  24. Trampoline
  25. Bandaids
  26. 8-year old’s eagerness to begin list of 100 things…
  27. Hunger
  28. The engineer
  29. The engineer’s job
  30. Spring rain
  31. Sunrise, different every morning
  32. Sara Richards
  33. Compassionate daughter
  34. Calculating daughter
  35. Boisterous daughter
  36. Coffee, black
  37. Cell phones
  38. Twinkle toes
  39. Smiles
  40. Compassionate golden head’s self-confidence
  41. Calculating one’s determination
  42. Alicia
  43. Chicken Enchiladas
  44. Neighbors
  45. Caring Bridge
  46. Mayo Clinic
  47. Gail
  48. Andrea & Aleena
  49. Boisterous one’s spirit
  50. Canvas Church
  51. Bookmark in the perfect spot: April 24, Alicia’s birthday
  52. Sunshine when rain was forecasted
  53. Bikes
  54. Girl time
  55. Origami dogs
  56. Smiles of little girls
  57. Chores
  58. Mystery of fog
  59. Sunshine after the rain
  60. Day with girls
  61. All the body
  62. Lungs breath in and out
  63. Heart beats steadily
  64. Strong legs that carry
  65. Digestive system working
  66. Immune system
  67. Metabolism
  68. Ribs that protect heart
  69. Waist that bends body
  70. Hips that carry and bear babies
  71. Home
  72. Wedding ring
  73. Prayer with the engineer
  74. Engineer’s navigating skill
  75. Engineer’s attention to details
  76. Newsies on broadway
  77. Strength in the engineer’s arms and legs
  78. Unshakeable faith of the engineer
  79. Leadership of the engineer
  80. Forbearance from the engineer
  81. Wise mentor
  82. Long hair, brown
  83. Fine hair on face
  84. Power of God come down when I lack patience
  85. Nail polish
  86. Fragrance of flowers on trees
  87. Flipping on hair around head to flash a smile
  88. Dance
  89. Popcorn
  90. Three girls in one bed
  91. Big sister helps little sister spell her name
  92. Forgiveness from the compassionate one
  93. Detangler
  94. Ponytails
  95. Braids
  96. Couch
  97. Thai peanut sauce
  98. Roasted veggies
  99. Cheese
  100. Garlic
  101. Eave keeping house dry
  102. Pink blossoms on tree
  103. Blur of white in gusts across horizon
  104. Yellow on wheels
  105. Workout dvd in basement
  106. Reese pieces
  107. Birthday parties
  108. Peanut butter eggs
  109. Whoppers
  110.  Star of the week
  111. Mrs. Foster
  112. Excited small voice reading Old McNoah
  113. Jellybean soup
  114. Baby
  115. Yogurt
  116. Berries, red and blue
  117. Bananas so sweet
  118. Make believe
  119. Texting
  120. Holy Spirit
  121. Oatmeal with apples and banana
  122. Sugar & cinnamon on muffin
  123. Peanut butter
  124. Paper and pen
  125. On the Shores of Silver Lake
  126. Tall grass bend in wind
  127. Drip of rain
  128. Run of nose on boisterous face
  129. New mittens
  130. Holy Word of God
  131. Christ’s endurance for the joy set before
  132. Joy that is possible
  133. Christ defeating the death
  134. Hope
  135. TIME with God
  136. Dry house
  137. Flashes of light in sky
  138. Peace
  139. Jesus Calling
  140. Workout finished by 5:15
  141. Facebook
  142. Dawn
  143. Sarah
  144. Intimate prayer with each of the golden head girls
  145. Music
  146. Ambersky dance moves
  147. Christ’s power available to me
  148. Dreams
  149. McDonalds (the smiles it brings)
  150. Van
  151. 4 bathrooms
  152. Pianos
  153. Shopping
  154. Coupons
  155. Cash
  156. Airplanes
  157. “Own time”
  158. Splat of tiny raindrops on window
  159. Big drops rolling down pane
  160. Dream of Derrick
  161. Banana bread
  162. Dad
  163. The “yes” from Madi…the party’s here
  164. Sutterfly
  165. SLR
  166. Vacuum
  167. List of to dos
  168. Treats for the class
  169. Silk flowers
  170. Rhinestones
  171. Sewing machine
  172. Sewing project
  173. Choices
  174. Menus
  175. Telling time with calculated one
  176. Hot tub
  177. Boisterous one “reading”
  178. Imaginary friend, “Lisa”
  179. Satisfaction felt after fixing
  180. Anticipation of fun
  181. 10 for 10 Sales
  182. Dead flies
  183. Flower pots
  184. Spinach
  185. Joy of baking
  186. Eyes
  187.  Focusing on the nearer, not the further
  188. Green
  189. Poetry Café
  190. Big sisters
  191. Butter
  192. Daddy coming home
  193. Princess book
  194. Reading
  195. “Think” (Pooh)
  196. Anne Streeter
  197. Inductive Bible Study
  198. Bend of trees, looks like dancing
  199. Razor
  200. Shampoo
  201. WiFi at McDonalds
  202. Strong backs
  203. Five of us together
  204. Early bedtime
  205. Stretching muscles
  206. Blueberry Frosted Mini Wheats
  207. The blue-green right before sunrise
  208. Grandparents
  209. Heart to heart with grandma
  210. Home
  211. Christian Stanfill’s “Jesus Paid it All”
  212. Christ saving me from death, paid my debt!
  213. Texting
  214. Spooning close in bed
  215. Short prayers so we can get to sleep faster
  216. Popcorn prayers
  217. Warmth of the engineer’s body in bed
  218. 5 around the fireplace in the morning
  219. Sweats
  220. Patience and endurance of cousins raising a little boy with downs
  221. LifeLight
  222. Tick tock of clocks
  223. Graphics
  224. Checks in the mailbox
  225. Watching the calculated one write a book just like I used to when I was little
  226. Watching the boisterous one make a wall of cereal boxes to hide behind
  227. Listening to the compassionate one retell a story
  228. Leftovers
  229. Sweet, juice flowing from oranges
  230. Gummy vitamins
  231. Yeast
  232. Packages in the mail
  233. Stack of grapefruit
  234. Drops of dew on glades of grass
  235. Arranged shoes
  236. Blue bird
  237. A body that can run
  238. Bike paths
  239. Humility
  240. Quick to forgiveness
  241. Forbearance
  242. WeedBGone
  243. Babysitters
  244. Freezers overflowing
  245. Casserole in the fridge
  246. Shadows cast upon the table
  247. Imagination
  248. Dirty bathtub water
  249. Being made in the image of God
  250. Tiller
  251. Three golden heads in a row, umbrellas, flip-flops & stocking hats in tow
  252. Date night
  253. Grandparents “babysitting”
  254. New clothes
  255. The engineer’s wisdom toward my insecurity
  256. Lord’s will always prevailing
  257. Understanding
  258. Pruning shears
  259. Sitting on the same side of the booth
  260. Minestrone soup
  261. Kohl’s cash
  262. Sacrifice of cousins to spend a birthday with the compassionate one
  263. Sacrifice of the great-grands to have cousins together
  264. Open hands
  265. Intimacy after a shower
  266. Installed light fixtures
  267. Health to entertain
  268. Resources to entertain
  269. 20 birthday party guests
  270. A smiling mother-in-law
  271. The engineer’s eyes that find me desirable
  272. Pointed top of the evergreen tree
  273. Puddles
  274. Mud on the trampoline
  275. Fragrance of basil
  276. Journaling
  277. Giving gifts to the golden girls
  278. Celebrate plate
  279. Milk in a bag
  280. Juice in a bag
  281. Butter on sale
  282. Orderly rows of growth
  283. Line bread in the heavy clouds that streaks a burst of pink at sunrise
  284. Joy in the face of the children
  285. 12” bike in the grass
  286. Flicker of birthday candles
  287. Lite Brite
  288. Garden pot spinach
  289. 3 RSVPs from friends
  290. Flower hair clips
  291. Candy necklaces
  292. Melon seeds
  293. Lucas’ value of family
  294. Dad’s gift of service
  295. Mom’s love language of gifts
  296. Jessica’s commitment to family
  297. Traci’s wisdom shared
  298. Handprint on patio window
  299. An attitude changed from frump to joyful
  300. Family for birthday parties
  301. God glorifying conversation with Dawn
  302. Play group for the boisterous one
  303. Teaching of the Word
  304. Blue Letter Bible dissecting the Hebrew & Greek
  305. Revelation from God – Proverbs 29:18
  306. Challenge to know the engineer better & fall more in love with
  307. Falling more in love with Jesus
  308. Constant communion with Christ
  309. Kelli
  310. Hug from a new friend
  311. The engineer meeting with with John
  312. Poetry Café
  313. Confidence of the compassionate one
  314. Carli’s high five
  315. Lemonade and cookies
  316. Snapfish & shutterfly
  317. Oil changed
  318. Boisterous noticing forgotten lunch then walking to bus stop
  319. Stephanie
  320. Tani
  321. Molly
  322. Fresh creamy yogurt
  323. Curl of ribbon
  324. Balloons that bring smiles
  325. Refrigerator
  326. Dishwasher
  327. Convection oven
  328. Microwave
  329. Running water
  330. Smell of clean towel
  331. Boisterous one darting through the hallway after bedtime
  332. “Payback” on a bike ride hill
  333. Boisterous one “reading” the Bible
  334. Rocking chairs roll back and forth
  335. Running in the rain
  336. My Helper: God’s Holy Spirit
  337. Evening bike ride
  338. Sunglasses
  339. Smiles of passerbyers on the trail
  340. Rhubarb, tart and tangy
  341. Streusel
  342. Piano Duets
  343. Trumpet
  344. Whirling breeze of ceiling fan at bedtime
  345. Watching the Calculated blossom into the person God created her to be
  346. Never being finished reading the Bible
  347. Listening to the boisterous one quote scripture
  348. Playing teacher
  349. God directing steps
  350. The Lord’s Table
  351. Anne Streeter’s Inductive Bible Study on Colossians
  352. Daniel Fast during Lent 2011
  353. Sunlight pouring through puffy thunderheads
  354. Respect being learned
  355. Zodiates
  356. Black stamens inside the tulip that stand in contrast to the light petals
  357. Ribbon
  358. Snow in July
  359. Warm spring evening drive alone
  360. Music that lifts spirits and pierces heart
  361. Allrecipes app
  362. Maps
  363. Jewelry
  364. Last of the trees finally budding out
  365. Getting to know women better
  366. Spring bling catching the sunlight and reflecting all over kitchen walls
  367. Calculated one’s repentant heart
  368. Look in the engineer’s eyes that says how much he loves me
  369. Finding the Bluetooth
  370. Joyous anticipation of a weekend at a cabin
  371. Mother-in-law that radiates peace, calm and servanthood
  372. Caringbridge website
  373. Doorbell ringing
  374. Verbal affirmation from the engineer
  375. Trimming the Maple “bushes” into trees
  376. Garden all tilled
  377. Long dark eyelashes
  378. Crockpots
  379. Roadtrips
  380. Nectar so that bees make honey
  381. Alarm clocks not set
  382. Lilacs beautiful green and aromatic flowers
  383. Walmart
  384. Missing my older sister…it means we have relationship
  385. Planting time
  386. Pencil, paper and planning
  387. Singing while playing piano
  388. Montana pumpkin seeds in Minnesota soil
  389. Order and organization
  390. Sleepy bed eyes that find mom to snuggle
  391. Sleeping in “sister’s” room
  392. The engineer hogging the bed
  393. Smell of ham in the oven
  394. Bright green crinkle in spinach leaves
  395. Unique shape of seeds
  396. Catching rainwater in buckets
  397. Fertilizer
  398. Preen
  399. 2-4-D
  400. Joy that bright yellow dandelions bring little girls
  401. Lumber yard in town
  402. Milk  and orange juice in a bag
  403. Punch card for milk club
  404. Sisters playing school
  405. Beating the rain
  406. “Tomorrow” sung somewhat in unison by three golden heads
  407. Potlucks
  408. New recipes
  409. Endless variety of fabric...choices
  410. Leftovers for lunch
  411. Song of rain on windows
  412. Shelves
  413. Overhearing imaginative play
  414. Dirty blonde hair
  415. Dress jammies
  416. Sun freckles
  417. Lori
  418. Balance
  419. Cowlicks
  420. The engineer’s first soufflé
  421. “I’ll lick your cookie for you.”
  422. Sleeping in forts
  423. Sleepbags and pillows for padding against a concrete floor
  424. Nightlights
  425. Bedtime prayers in the fort
  426. Panentheism – Colossians 1:15-17
  427. Playing Hearts in the fort
  428. Allrecipes app
  429. Golden heads not fighting
  430. Naps that revive a spirit
  431. Emergen-C
  432. Garage organized
  433. The peacefulness felt by the engineer after the organization
  434. Mirrors that give more to see
  435. Straight orderly arch of irrigation system
  436. Alianese
  437. “Mom, you are gorgeous.”
  438. Moving the dining room chair closer to sister
  439. Nascar
  440. The engineer picking – it makes him him
  441. Blueberries
  442. Burps (or something worse) followed by “excuse me”
  443. Graceful flight of birds
  444. Pointy leaves of a maple
  445. Mystical haze in the morning air
  446. Silhouette of a small evergreen, zigzags from point to base
  447. Ical
  448. Squint of eyes that protect from sun, bugs & small flying dust particles
  449. Ingenious Creator
  450. Basil in a pot
  451. New mercies every morning
  452. Google
  453. Eagerness of the girls to spend time with mom and dad
  454. The engineer’s hand on me at daybreak, inviting me to snuggle closer
  455. Destination Dairy Queen bike ride
  456. Eight yellow turning black goslings swim and waddle between parents
  457. Yoga and showered by 5am
  458. Farmington Greenhouse
  459. Wilting dandelions
  460. Seeds in the garden before the rain
  461. Alphabet training app
  462. Kare11 app with weather alerts
  463. Rhubarb – first “fruit of the plains,” Joe Hanser
  464. Cupcakes for daddy coming home
  465. Steady whistle of train
  466. Phone call from the engineer
  467. Hip to hip in the chair, snuggled under blanket warm
  468. Glitter in blonde hair
  469. Working with my hands
  470. Shreds of sweet coconut
  471. Picking girls up from school
  472. Discipline that leads to a repentant heart
  473. “Yes, Mommy”
  474. Barnes & Noble Gift Card
  475. Ability to give gifts
  476. Ding for You’ve Got Mail
  477. Hum of wash machine
  478. Beep of fridge…door’s open
  479. Top Secret Binders and sticky notes
  480. The golden heads choosing shopping
  481. Stillness after the wind and storm
  482. Stamps at CVS
  483. Cycle shop fixing the lawnmower tire
  484. Seas of green potted plants
  485. Big flies that are easy to find and swat
  486. Lunch Menu
  487. Soft fuzzy slippers that warm toes
  488. New dark purple shower curtain
  489. New unstretched ponytails
  490. Lotion that softens tough skin
  491. Lip Balm tenderizing chapped lips
  492. First pinkish haze of sun in the 4:30am sky
  493. Safety of my golden heads
  494. Flexible muscles
  495. Toning muscles
  496. Red and yellow strip on black birds – stark contrast
  497. Blogger
  498. Contrasts: Kill/destroy & life/abundance
  499. Being according to the Spirit – Romans 8:5
  500. Perfect baby white teeth
  501. Teachable moments
  502. Tylenol
  503. Sprinklers
  504. Water balloons
  505. Doctors & walk-in clinics
  506. Two-hour sit of the boisterous one
  507. Finger smudges on the wall
  508. Being still
  509. Kind pediatrician
  510. Warm and inviting medical clinic
  511. Kind affirmations from father-in-law & mother-in-law
  512. Wind to blow away tree worms
  513. Table Saw
  514. Excitement about homework
  515. Sweet strawberries at $1.19/#
  516. Eager hands to pack groceries
  517. Perseverance of the calculating one
  518. Three golden heads speaking all at once, excited to see daddy
  519. Judy Moody…
  520. The compassionate one up in the middle of the night with sister’s bad dream
  521. The compassionate one praying when I’m clean out of compassion
  522. Teaching the golden heads
  523. Teachable spirits
  524. Zumba
  525. Golden heads helping dad build
  526. Saving for a Hello Kitty camera
  527. Safety through the storm
  528. Documentaries
  529. Working alongside the compassionate one
  530. Daddy treating the golden heads to a movie
  531. Ruined appetites from popcorn & milk duds
  532. Wonder of finding the lost thought gone
  533. Diamonds to pass down to a golden head
  534. Fragrance of washed hair
  535. Playing teacher with the golden heads
  536. Thank you notes
  537. Invitation to God’s kingdom
  538. Gift of righteousness given after saving faith
  539. Being the object of God’s love
  540. Being a chosen child of God
  541. Pillow talk with Derrick
  542. A dream shared
  543. A struggle shared
  544. Edification from the engineer
  545. Leadership of the engineer
  546. Quicken
  547. Budget meetings
  548. Opportunity to tithe
  549. Condensation on window panes
  550. Worms wriggling across path
  551. The engineer memorizing Colossians
  552. The boisterous one falling asleep without sucking
  553. Pink casts
  554. Gifts that brighten the face when you have a broken arm
  555. Two blonde toddler heads in the stroller
  556. Friends at the park
  557. Walk with a friend
  558. “”Shoot, shoot, shoot,” says the boisterous one
  559. Coffee with a friend in the sunroom
  560. Grandma in heaven, perfection
  561. Time to rebuild connections with family
  562. Leaving a Lois Legacy
  563. Peace during mourning
  564. Legacy of grandma
  565. Cousins playing in the rain
  566. Basement room at visitation for cousins to play in
  567. Priceless memories of staying with mom & dad while waiting to buy a home
  568. Mom sharing health issue with me
  569. All ten siblings and mom and dad around the table for pizza at home
  570. Coffee with Derrick on the deck
  571. Inspiring cousins raising Shaedyn with downs
  572. Micah’s smile
  573. Heart-bearing talk with Traci
  574. Thirty-minute drive to Beaver Creek
  575. Memories shared of grandma
  576. Cousins playing a “game”
  577. Daniel servant-leading the cousins
  578. Derrick quietly supporting my grief
  579. Ten grandkids singing “Jesus Loves Me”
  580. Aliya sleeping through the funeral
  581. Grace of God and family to pull Grandpa through
  582. Grandma’s faith example leading grandpa to faith
  583. No outbursts with Jess
  584. Dar making it through “Consider the Lilies”
  585. Grace sufficient in weakness
  586. All grandkids and great-grands at the funeral
  587. Cousins to play with
  588. Hospitality shared
  589. Serving mom and dad a steak dinner
  590. First campfire smoke of the year
  591. Toasted outside of marshmallow
  592. Spongy, soft, sweet angel food
  593. Servant mother-in-law
  594. Knowing Pipestone is home
  595. Serving mom a meal
  596. Lucas’ gift of hospitality
  597. Beautiful hymnal chords and harmonizing
  598. Desire to be a better person
  599. Written word to and from people
  600. Joy of accomplishment
  601. Alka-Seltzer
  602. Grandma’s famous smiley faces
  603. Sticky notes
  604. Garden hose word-picture of grandma giving
  605. Potato heads
  606. Last minute hugs at the bus stop
  607. Night sounds: crickets, frogs
  608. Cool breeze
  609. Lynda Randall’s, “God on the Mountain”
  610. Little footprints on the wet floor
  611. Play necklaces adorning the patio furniture
  612. New rising sun peering through on a cloudy day
  613. Capris that still fit
  614. Sweat
  615. White fluffy seeds fluttering through the breeze
  616. Boisterous one looking up at me
  617. Baths that cool us down and refresh
  618. Donating hair to Locks of Love
  619. Top Secret with Leba
  620. Watches so the girls can be home at 5
  621. Walking and talking with girls to the park
  622. Painted turtle
  623. Praying on skype
  624. Having sisters so you CAN fight
  625. Cast clubbing me in bed
  626. Feet digging into my legs under the covers
  627. Wind died down for a while
  628. Grand Day with two grandmas here
  629. Yard sale find of Little House series
  630. Puzzles on the floor
  631. Girl time
  632. The compassionate one baking brownies for cousins
  633. Zumba
  634. Tripod (yoga) with the girls
  635. Back hero (stretch) with the girls
  636. The engineer getting a haircut
  637. Mischievous cousins painting each others’ faces
  638. Six cousins playing for hours on the trampoline
  639. Serving my sister by cleaning
  640. The biggest, longest hug from my sister
  641. Working alongside mom and grandma
  642. Micah having dessert with the adults
  643. Being close enough to go help for the day
  644. Hearing Rebekah and Micah play piano recital pieces
  645. A nap on the drive home
  646. Strawberry rhubarb pie
  647. All the colors in the sky
  648. Planting the garden as a family
  649. Smell of the tiller on the engineer
  650. Pippi Longstocking field trip
  651. Assembling the wheel barrow with the compassionate one
  652. Crystal clear reflection in the pond
  653. That I have a pond outside my home
  654. Lettuce & spinach growing in a pot on the deck
  655. Sticky spot on the floor
  656. Flour dusted onto the kitchen floor
  657. Rainy day to shop with the girls
  658. Goodwill Toddler Thursday
  659. Speaking through the thunder – Be still
  660. Clean basement
  661. Godly, wise saints who share insight
  662. Prayer after a bad dream
  663. Going back to bed after that prayer
  664. Grandma Edna teaching me to send them back to bed
  665. The bad dream that woke me early to do yoga
  666. Itunes to download and listen instantly
  667. Landa’s influence on my life
  668. Plants withstanding the wind
  669. The engineer having breakfast with us
  670. Mail to send
  671. Peace Lilly
  672. Pillows on bed
  673. Things the compassionate one gave thanks for: bed, clothes, pillows, food, ?
  674. Wisdom to lead her toward gratitude
  675. “If you can’t decide what to wear, you have too many clothes,” dad
  676. Saving for the hello kitty camera
  677. The calculating one, thriving with a plan
  678. The calculating one sharing her new ponies
  679. Empathy from my mother-in-law
  680. Rustling of aspens
  681. Cottonwoods spinning cotton, reminding me of Montana
  682. Boisterous one’s scribbles in my book
  683. Ability to rebuke Satan
  684. Jesus drinking the cup of wrath intended for me
  685. The compassionate one in the front seat
  686. Remembering clean underwear
  687. Boisterous one singing “Amazing Grace”
  688. Calculating one requesting “Amazing Grace” while riding on the tube
  689. Goldhead’s penmanship in Grandma’s card
  690. Being able to give Grandma a small birthday gift
  691. Rhubarb Torte
  692. Being able to take girls to the lake
  693. New tube
  694. Suckers on the boat
  695. Seeing the engineer on the boat
  696. All nine of us in the boat
  697. Evening visit with mom and dad
  698. Phase 10 game
  699. Amazing wall cloud
  700. Not down pouring when the engineer picked up Dar’s
  701. “New story, new story” and then dad telling a story
  702. Mom playing doctor
  703. Visit with Holly
  704. Cool night breeze in a hot stuffy room
  705. Listening to grandma and grandpa visit with the goldenheads
  706. Worship at Faith Community
  707. Katrina leading worship
  708. Standing with hand high and heart abandoned
  709. Spirit convicting of sin
  710. Walk and talk with Kayla
  711. A summer ahead to play
  712. Scenic route
  713. Slowing down to go through little towns
  714. Mississippi valley
  715. Two-lane roads
  716. Diverse beauty from state to state
  717. Iowa farmland
  718. Small town Culver’s
  719. 90’s music station
  720. Baseball field nestled among cornfields
  721. Elissa’s Benjamin
  722.  2 snapping turtles on my run
  723. Enough water pressure to make sprinkler spin
  724. God knowing intricate details of my body
  725. Forgiveness from the engineer
  726. No condemnation for those in Christ Jesus (Romans 8:1)
  727. Camping
  728. Relevant worship experiences for the girls
  729. Mom teaching me about spraying weeds, gardening, landscaping, decorating
  730. Eagerness to see my sister
  731. Bible Camp
  732. Flower seeds sprouting in front of house
  733. Closer connection with Bryce & Kayla
  734. Dad texting
  735. Perseverance to fix drawer, hang towel bar and shade
  736. Looking at the Bible camp website with the compassionate one
  737. The calculating one playing Little Red
  738. The older golden heads loving school
  739. The compassionate one beginning to wear deodorant…growing up
  740. The compassionate one being invited to Carli’s birthday party
  741. Conversations with Carli’s mom-Kelly
  742. The hymnal – teaching the golden heads “Seek Ye First”
  743. Energy to stay up until 2am & wake at 5am
  744. Time to be still
  745. Fingerprints & smudges to clean up after
  746. The calculating one praying for me
  747. The compassionate one voluntarily weeding the garden
  748. “I’m not working as hard as I should be,” while weeding
  749. Pizza on the deck
  750. Barbeque sauce
  751. Twenty-four egg whites whipped to firm peaks
  752. Mock-Angelfood cake with strawberries and whipped cream
  753. Being able to celebrate Lucas’ birthday with him
  754. The celebrate plate….yea, sissies are home for summer!
  755. Help from golden heads packing for camping
  756. Packing lists
  757. The big girls helping the boisterous one take a shower
  758. Choosing to forgo sleep to help mom pack
  759. Good communication with the older golden heads
  760. Plenty of food to pack
  761. Bing cherries on sale
  762. Bean and corn salsa
  763. Golden heads sleeping in so I can spend more time thanking in a list
  764. Golden heads wanting to be with me
  765. Golden heads telling me how to be a better mom and person
  766. Compassionate one’s opinion about the tent
  767. Feeling like I’m outside of myself…acting godly, not like me
  768. All five of us hanging out on the boat
  769. Cousins tubing
  770. Micah driving the boat
  771. Showing up late to dinner because we took kids tubing
  772. Help that the compassionate one gives the family
  773. Family dynamic realized
  774. Opportunity for compassionate one to go to Bible Camp
  775. The calculating one trying on my wedding dress
  776. The calculating one reading to little sister
  777. The calculating one entering the chocolate chip cookie contest
  778. The boisterous one picking up the puppet at the library
  779. Figuring out audiobooks for the golden heads
  780. Finding a Mandie audiobook
  781.  The engineer memorizing scripture during his commute
  782. Deck wash
  783. A “think” with the calculating one
  784. Retaining wall bricks leveled
  785. Washing of garden gloves in the rain
  786. The boisterous one’s raincoat
  787. Designing for Verox
  788. Printer in Farmington
  789. 7:30 summer mornings
  790. “I love school” plastered on take homes
  791. Rotating tires
  792. Giffey’s coming to visit
  793. Lazy mornings
  794. Finishing the bike path
  795. The engineer and I agreeing on deck stain
  796. Mourning Dove’s cry
  797. Knowing how to fix a bike tire
  798. Evening walk
  799. Calculating one sewing & seam ripping
  800. Solar light dragon fly
  801. Watching the dragon fly with the girls for the first time
  802. Showing the girls lighting bugs
  803. Hot summer night sitting on the front porch
  804. 5% back on Delta plan ticket
  805. Airport taxi
  806. Dry basement after so much rain
  807. Basement shelter in the storm
  808. Culver’s frozen custard
  809. Messing up the boisterous one’s order so I got frozen custard
  810. Swimming with the golden heads two days in a row
  811. Sand castles and sand birthday cakes
  812. Staying at the lake until 6
  813. Alicia revealing her heart
  814. Golden heads helping me shop
  815. Patience to make it through the shopping
  816. Being able to treat them to lunch
  817. 3 more Scoops tokens
  818. Giffeys arriving safely
  819. Kids not missing a beat
  820. Big kids talking until 10
  821. Heart to heart with Gail past midnight
  822. The compassionate one offering to take out the trash
  823. The engineer’s flight arriving earlier than previously thought
  824. Micah being able to spend the night at home..not Mayo
  825. Opportunity for Micah to see his doctor for a check-up
  826. The miracle You’re going to do in Micah’s life
  827. Big kids up and excited to be together at 6am!
  828. Kids Camp pictures
  829. Ability to mop the kitchen floor & wash away “sticky”
  830. Seven kids climbing onto the hammock with me in the middle
  831. Popcorn all over the ground…feeding the birds
  832. Bottle caps on the table
  833. Ice cream in a bag with the older kids
  834. Naps for the middle kids
  835. Treasure in heaven
  836. Opportunity to go to Kracht Garbage Day
  837. Being “emotional support” for grandma and mom
  838. Ability to share insight about marital roles with mom
  839. Derrick’s eagerness to serve at Garbage Day
  840. Delburt’s verbal gratitude expressed to Derrick
  841. Watching fathers and sons work together
  842. Watching brothers and cousins work together
  843. Safety getting home although sleepy
  844.  Really sleeping until 8am
  845. Folgers
  846. Shawna serving grandpa compassionately...making scrapbooks
  847. A Sabbath without golden heads
  848. Family planning on the calculating one’s birthday party
  849. A week without being mom
  850. The golden heads eagerly staying at grandma’s for a week
  851. Eagerness of grandpa & grandma to have them a week
  852. Compassionate one making special K bars for grandpa
  853. Wanting grandpa to have the leftovers
  854. Visiting with uncle Carl
  855. Boisterous one’s kisses for grandpa great
  856. Cousins swimming for hours in the stainless steel calf feeder
  857. Find the boisterous one’s capris and undies
  858. Boisterous one so excited for grandma Barb’s play dough
  859. Living close enough to make a day trip “home”
  860. Laughing with the engineer about pulling the wrong chain for the ceiling fan
  861. Ripstick
  862. Ripping out cooper tubing with the skid loader
  863. Luke’s leadership
  864. Praying Philippians 2:1-4 for Kestrel
  865. Good movies
  866. Soaker hoses
  867. Blueletterbible.com
  868. Memories of the farm
  869. Picture of compassionate one and dad with the baby pigs
  870. Dew drops
  871. “Life is like a mountain railway” on itunes
  872. Over half the deck stained
  873. Drier weather to stain
  874. Cool morning breeze
  875. Fish in the pond
  876. Soaker hose
  877. Grandpa getting enough money to pay for the funeral
  878. Lunch & friendship with Alicia
  879. Running beside corn that I just barely taller than
  880. Having a birthday cake to make
  881. Slip & Slide
  882. Cousins coming to the party
  883. Having the deck stained
  884. Tiki Torches
  885. Repentance from selfishness
  886. Campfire with just the two of us
  887. Mulch in the flower bed
  888. Home Depot having plastic sheeting
  889. Bakery buns
  890. Java Chip Frappuccino @ Starbucks
  891. Realizing my homemade ones are just as good
  892. Stack of brush…gone
  893. Wearing a dress just because
  894. Shopping
  895. Finding the engineer half way between Eagan & Woodbury
  896. Going to “work” with the engineer
  897. Sitting in the little café for 30 minutes with the engineer
  898. Not getting our chicken so I could have Starbucks for lunch
  899. Not having to pay for our drinks & salad
  900. Opportunity to navigate new territory
  901. Tiny peppers
  902. Peas to pick
  903. Blossoms on the green beans
  904. Beets sprouting
  905. Sevin to stop Japanese beetles
  906. Learning to garden as a child
  907. Working from home
  908. Running up the stairs after dinner
  909. Peanut butter toast & apples for dinner
  910. Making jerky for Micah
  911. Note from Jessica
  912. Sun Tea
  913. Sitting on the engineer’s lap in his “office”
  914. Going to Target field with the engineer
  915. Seats in the shade
  916. Kettle corn
  917. Little old Farmington
  918. Collecting cups from sporting events
  919. Not getting hit by the train or the car
  920. Laughing about it later
  921. Ending the date perfectly
  922. Sleeping with the sheet on because its cool enough
  923. The calculating one calling me to tell me about her day at grandmas
  924. Opportunity to have Sechler cousins overnight
  925. Plans that give Micah a hope and a future
  926. Seeing spiritual growth in the calculating one
  927. Guarding my time in the morning with God
  928. Having my girls home again
  929. Swapping Caleb for Braelyn
  930. Having to drive two vehicles because we have too many kids
  931. Grandpa Great coming to the party
  932. Dar driving him
  933. The engineer praying before dinner
  934. Bean Salsa getting 5 Stars
  935. Providing a meal for our family
  936. Birthday ice cream jello-cake in the shape of a butterfly
  937. The calculating one’s new hat and sunglasses
  938. The engineer being okay with 6 little girls in his house
  939. Getting more solar lights for the flower bed
  940. Four cousins on one air matress
  941. Four cousins in the hot tub
  942. Having a hot shower after 6 baths
  943. Perfect weather for slip & slide
  944. Mom & Dad helping with errands for the party
  945. Watering the garden
  946. Carter’s seal stunt that inspired everyone to try it
  947. Saving the cucumber plant
  948. Carter & Daniel surfing down the slip & slide
  949. Watching the dads do slip & slide
  950. The engineer burning his back because he did more sliding than he thought
  951. Having a campfire because the girls cousins got to stay
  952. Watching them roast marshmallows & eat s’mores & s’moreos
  953. Timing Braelyn while she burned her mallows
  954. Cowboy gulf with the engineer, the compassionate one and Braelyn
  955. Crush, Mountain Dew, sunglasses & four cousins posing for a picture
  956. Email from Ashley
  957. Grandpa stopping to see Micah
  958. Listening to the cousins play
  959. Canny bucks for bringing friends
  960. NOT vacuuming before the party
  961. Working WITH the engineer
  962. Slippers on in summer
  963. Bakery buns
  964. Free coupons at McDonalds
  965. “Take all the time you need”
  966. Rebekah sitting next to me in the chair
  967. Hanging out with the big 4 in the sunroom
  968. Taking six kids to the lake
  969. Being with the VanKlei ladies
  970. Cousins getting the golden heads out of comfort zone on the tubes
  971. Pizza & movie party starting at 9:30pm
  972. Traci calling me
  973. Family night board game & movie
  974. Water balloons with or without water
  975. Traci sharing Isaiah 26:3
  976. “Normal” routine
  977. Where you are…there you are
  978. Visit with Heather
  979. The Oasis
  980. Humid, hot growing weather
  981. Being an hour from Rochester
  982. Micah’s smiles
  983. Bringing the Sechler three Italian
  984. The golden heads being patient and not whining at the hospital
  985. Knowing we can bring more goodies to them
  986. Texting with mom
  987. Jessica keeping the other Sechler three
  988. Quiet 4th of July
  989. Ginger Pye with the big girls
  990. Meat thermometer
  991. Night to myself
  992. Coffee ice cream with oreos
  993. Able to run 4-miles
  994. Cold shower to cool my body
  995. Clothes wet from sweat
  996. Ability to memorize
  997. Golden heads giving each other pedicures
  998. Cool down in forecast
  999. Clouds to block sun’s intensity
  1000. Cooler temps for Celebrate Freedom
  1001. Time away from golden heads that gives perspective
  1002. Hot sun room
  1003. Garden tripling in size
  1004. Pumpkin plant runaway
  1005. Pool
  1006. Ice cream that fills a room of family friends
  1007. Ken's 85-year perspective
  1008. Children's Museum
  1009. Blossoms in flowers
  1010. Sprinkler system watering garden
  1011. Heat for crops
  1012. Open communication with the engineer
  1013. Morning kisses
  1014. Pink sunglasses on little face
  1015. The compassionate one waterskiing
  1016. Cousins playing
  1017. Playground obstacle course
  1018. Dads being dads
  1019. Wand Fairies
  1020. Haircuts
  1021. Dessert on a bedsheet
  1022. Wind that cools
  1023. Sun Tea
  1024. Song
  1025. The engineer strumming guitar strings
  1026. Flowers started from seed
  1027. iFit Daily Workout
  1028. Grandma enjoying day with golden heads
  1029. Blogging
  1030. Affirmations from Gail
  1031. Connection to Melissa
  1032. Playing with Ben & Ellie
  1033. Ellie counting down to July 1
  1034. Fresh cut lawn
  1035. 2-4D
  1036. Ice cream with coffee
  1037. Reading late on summer's night
  1038. Beaver birthday
  1039. Sleeping with windows open
  1040. Rising with the sun
  1041. Texting with Kayla
  1042. Chorus of birds
  1043. Cool mornings
  1044. Engineer on the deck, bent over Bible
  1045. Compassionate one reading an entire biography in one day
  1046. Prayer...connecting with God in another realm
  1047. City on a Hill
  1048. Girls in pool excited about church
  1049. Serving in 4-H
  1050. Backyard pool family day
  1051. Friends on birthday
  1052. Planning birthday with Beaver
  1053. Ear pierced
  1054. Hammock on summer's day
  1055. Broccoli cut from garden
  1056. Fresh zuchinni sliced on pizza
  1057. Barbecue sauce drizzled
  1058. 4-H birthday treats
  1059. Bumming Saturday with engineer
  1060. Walking through vineyard
  1061. Learning from the vinedresser
  1062. Pruning on me--focus on less and get more fruit
  1063. Always loving yet not always approving
  1064. Dawn engaged...redemption
  1065. Shopping at home
  1066. New friend for Aliya
  1067. Pool with neighbors
  1068. 4-year olds pushing strollers
  1069. Spying a KTIS bumper sticker on the car as I got to know new a neighbor
  1070. Twinkle in the Calculating Beaver's eye as we chatted birthday cupcakes
  1071. Mashed potatoes on a hot summer day
  1072. Hospitality
  1073. Sweat
  1074. Shower
  1075. Box fan in window
  1076. The engineer shaving
  1077. Not taking offense on correction
  1078. Opening heart to engineer
  1079. The engineer calling me on judging
  1080. Calculating beaver and the engineer cleaning green beans
  1081. First cucumber
  1082. Google for gardening
  1083. Zinnia blooms
  1084. Movie night
  1085. Beauty salon by the compassionate one
  1086. The boisterous one's pudgy nose
  1087. Pillow talk
  1088. Walk turning into a run
  1089. Air conditioning
  1090. Hot weather for slip & slide
  1091. Chloe...best cousins forever!
  1092. Suds on the deck
  1093. Humid growing nights
  1094. First tassel
  1095. Avocado sprout almost to top of seed
  1096. Watching birds perched on rain gutter
  1097. Starting a new book
  1098. Email from friend
  1099. The calculating beaver's first sleepover at friend's house
  1100. Avon slippers
  1101. Calm still night
  1102. Clear pool
  1103. Fresh cut lawn
  1104. Helpful attitudes at Cub
  1105. Coupons
  1106. Lemonade Stand sign
  1107. Green beans galore
  1108. Creamy cucumbers
  1109. Grilled everything
  1110. ACTS prayer
  1111. Ice-cream in Dakota City's Drug Store
  1112. Friends at the fair
  1113. The calculating beaver's decision to show pigs next year
  1114. Watching the compassionate one feeding and watering
  1115. The compassionate one in the show-ring
  1116. The fair
  1117. Two awards of excellence
  1118. A fan club
  1119. Learning
  1120. New friends
  1121. Tammy loaning back packing gear
  1122. Getting to know the Nelsons
  1123. Emergen-C to the sore throat rescue
  1124. The calculating beaver working out
  1125. Arguing over the big muffin
  1126. Morning duties
  1127. Caribou
  1128. Books on CD
  1129. Public Library
  1130. Reading out loud
  1131. Fancy Nancy
  1132. Olivia
  1133. Classic literature - To Kill a Mocking Bird
  1134. Short shorts to bed
  1135. Shopping for back packing
  1136. Zoom lens
  1137. FPU
  1138. Dawn's text
  1139. Dawn watching boisterous one & Carter
  1140. Dehydrating produce
  1141. Doug and Sarah hiking
  1142. Mountains
  1143. Flowers in the front
  1144. Apologies given
  1145. Four vegetables for dinner
  1146. Obstacle relay race
  1147. Green beans picked in race
  1148. Playing Laura Ingalls Wilder
  1149. Laura, Carrie, Grace
  1150. Eating outside
  1151. Grilled zucchini
  1152. Eight quarts green beans canned
  1153. Cucumbers 

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