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Hanging on the wall in her room, it says, "All About Me." Once a week, in first grade, a student was spotlighted within the class and encouraged to share personal information, interests and experiences that shaped her. Something about the title of the poster always bothered me. I couldn't place my finger on it. Until today.
I hate charts in Bible Studies. Yet, staring at me is the chart with instructions: Write the phrase David uses to describe God as he faces Goliath in battle and explain it's importance. David is appalled that anyone dare defame the name of the Lord and as Goliath taunts God's chosen people, the Israelites. David steps out in confidence that God will use him to defeat the Philistine champion (I Samuel 17). And in obedience to the "menial task" set in front of me (the chart) I begin writing. It wasn't until a week later that I'd finally get it. I am a slow learner.
David calls God 

  • "the Lord of hosts"
    • God is supreme over all other gods and authorities
  • "God of the armies of Israel" 
    • God is in charge, not man
  • "the Lord will deliver"
    • God is a faithful deliverer (not man)
  • "all earth will know there is a God in Israel"
    • God winning against all odds makes His name great; it glorifies Him
  • "the Lord saves not with sword or spear"
    • God's ways aren't our ways; His tactics are smarter, more creative, better
  • "the battle is the Lord's"
    • God is a warrior; David is simply the vessel God uses to accomplish His battle
  • "(God) will give you into our hand"
    • God is with David in this battle
  • "all this assembly may know"
    • God's power and authority will be reaffirmed in both Israel (who are dismayed and greatly afraid) and Philistine (gloating with pride and human power)

Do you see the main point? It took me a while. Look again if you didn't see it….
GOD! I'll say it again. God. Too often in my struggles and battles, I focus on myself. This is the problem! I need to make it about God. After all, the battle is His.
For the battle is the Lord's, and He will give you into our hand. I Samuel 17:47
I'm the type of person who doesn't even like my picture taken. I'm happy to be a wall flower. However, I wonder if I should post an "All About Me" poster in the house just because it would be a ridiculous, sarcastic reminder of the truth revealed: it's all about God. Yet when the stress of a defiant child mouthing off to me causes me to shove fistfuls of junk food in my mouth as I wallow in self-pity, "I can't handle this," "I don't deserve this," "I don't know what to do," "I…I….I…"  I think I might as well admit; in this moment, it's "All About Me."
We know David defeats Goliath; it's the most famous story in the Bible. But I think we quickly forget that David won because it wasn't his battle. It was His battle. You only think they're your battles. It's God's battle. That defiant personality is the Goliath and God is going to shoot it down. He's just using me to sling the stones. David stepped out and did what God wanted him to do.
Protect your times of refreshment. David came in from shepherding in the fields and defeated the giant. He had a fresh perspective and healthy relationship with God. You won't be able to face your Goliaths unless you are fresh. Make time with God a consistent, number one priority. And put up an "All About Me" poster. Yes, it will make you laugh. But maybe, just maybe it'll catch your eye as you step into battle.

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