One last nugget

There are many ways these days to keep track of your contacts. Strive to keep addresses, phone numbers and email update and in one place. This makes Christmas time and birthday parties easier . I utilize the Address Book on my mac. It automatically syncs with my iPod. Last week, at the post office to mail a package, I could simply grab the address needed from my iPod. Hands down, this beats my old system of printing the contacts from my computer program and carrying them around in a 3-ring binder. However, I still keep that binder, because it's the greatest place to keep my stamps, return address labels, and a few notecards for when I want to drop someone a note.
The introduction of Bill Pay online from most banking websites has made paying bills so much easier (and reduced the need for so many stamps.) It's convenient to pay them in advance and the money transfers on the future date that you determine.
When the mail comes in, have one place set aside to collect it. I like to keep piles. One for bills to be paid, one for pay check stubs that need to be entered into the checking account, one for letters from Compassion kids and one miscellaneous. Once a week, on my calendar, I set aside an hour to sort through these thoroughly. If more time than that lapses, I  risk forgetting about a bill or necessary follow-up.
Take control of you mailbox! Set systems in place to be sure your addresses are organized and bills get paid on-time!

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