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Wednesday, April 11, 2012
Jesus told his disciples, “Come, follow Me.” His commandment wasn’t meant for the 12 alone, but for all those who choose to make Christ the foundation. As we celebrated the calculating one’s second spiritual birthday, we talked about discipleship. Those of us how journey after Christ-likeness have something to share with others sojourners. So as I watch older, compassionate sister invite the calculated one to journey, huddled around the warm fireplace, my heart is filled with joy but I wonder. Am I on the journey? Am I consistently seeking to become more Christ-like and if so am I helping others on the journey? In Matthew 28, the Great Commission, Jesus makes it clear that our charge is to make disciples, teaching them everything we ourselves have been taught by His Word and Spirit. And in that a promise, that in all He is with us always! When we sit, when we rise, when we lie down and when we walk along the way. In every one of these times are we to be discipling…bringing our friends to Jesus. When the paralytic needed healing, needed Jesus, his friends stopped at nothing to get him TO Jesus.
My mind wonders to One Thousand Gifts and I know that when I count the gifts, I see Jesus in all things. Why would I not also call my friends to Jesus by counting their gifts. Please join me in counting your gifts as I put mine to paper:
  1. Jesus
  2. Tangled hair that went to bed wet
  3. Backs of sisters, side by side
  4. Two pairs of eyes reading the Word in unison
  5. Warmth of fireplace
  6. Creative play of little girl
  7. God’s Word alive and active
  8. Crisp, fresh pages of the Text
  9. Starbucks
  10. Time with God
  11. Honking of geese
  12. Mist across pond in sunrise
  13. Budding of trees
  14. Springs’ first flower: tulips
  15. Watering in pajamas
  16. Compassionate golden head extending grace
  17. Strength to battle strong, suborn will
  18. Green tractor in field
  19. Smell of fresh paint
  20. Smell of fresh baked bread
  21. Kidney match for Micah
  22. Smile of an 11-year old
  23. Neighbor girls to play with: Emma, Ellie
  24. Trampoline
  25. Bandaids
  26. 8-year old’s eagerness to begin list of 100 things…
  27. Hunger
  28. The engineer
  29. The engineer’s job
  30. Spring rain
  31. Sunrise, different every morning
  32. Sara Richards
  33. Compassionate daughter
  34. Calculating daughter
  35. Boisterous daughter
  36. Coffee, black
  37. Cell phones
  38. Twinkle toes
  39. Smiles
  40. Compassionate golden head’s self-confidence
  41. Calculating one’s determination
  42. Alicia
  43. Chicken Enchiladas
  44. Neighbors
  45. Caring Bridge
  46. Mayo Clinic
  47. Gail
  48. Andrea & Aleena
  49. Boisterous one’s spirit
  50. Canvas Church
  51. Bookmark in the perfect spot: April 24, Alicia’s birthday
  52. Sunshine when rain was forecasted
  53. Bikes
  54. Girl time
  55. Origami dogs
  56. Smiles of little girls
  57. Chores
  58. Mystery of fog
  59. Sunshine after the rain
  60. Day with girls

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