My sheep know My voice

Sunday, April 22, 2012
Waking at 3:30 to a full bladder, got my head spinning. Trying to relax and drift back to sleep while my mind wanders on the details of the a-coming birthday party. I drift in and out of consciousness until I hear morning birds and know it’s okay to awake. I want to be sure to spend time with Jesus before the day unfolds with 20 guests to arrive for a meal and party fun. I warm the coffee and sit with Jesus Calling. The words pierce my soul. As Jesus rebukes the Pharisees, he says, “I speak what I have seen with My Father, and you do what you have heard from you father,” (John 8:38.) The father of worry, compulsive planning, anxiousness and control are Satan himself. I am doing all these things long before I “begin” my day with my Savior. I am the worst of sinners! I need a posture of open hands, letting God direct me. “My sheep know my voice,” (John 10:27.) How can I hear His voice when I’m listening to Satan, bogged down with all these plans? I confess to you my lack of listening to You my Father. Guide me through this day and may I accept everything that happens with open hands as a gift from You. I am free from the anxiety of having a perfect home and enough food because Jesus has set me free. Yes, I am free indeed. (John 8:36) I will do my part, make plans allowing God to change them to do His will: “There are many plans in a man’s heart. Nevertheless the Lords counsel—that will stand” Proverbs 19:21. Today, Your will be done, Your kingdom come in my life. I must become less, You must become greater!

1.     Three golden heads in a row, umbrellas, flip-flops & stocking hats in tow
2.     Date night
3.     Grandparents “babysitting”
4.     New clothes
5.     The engineer’s wisdom toward my insecurity
6.     Lord’s will always prevailing
7.     Understanding
8.     Pruning shears
9.     Sitting on the same side of the booth
10. Minestrone soup
11. Kohl’s cash
12. Sacrifice of cousins to spend a birthday with the compassionate one
13. Sacrifice of the great-grands to have cousins together
14. Open hands
15. Intimacy after a shower
16. Installed light fixtures
17. Health to entertain
18. Resources to entertain
19. 20 birthday party guests
20. A smiling mother-in-law
21. The engineer’s eyes that find me desirable
22. Pointed top of the evergreen tree
23. Puddles
24. Mud on the trampoline
25. Fragrance of basil
26. Journaling
27. Giving gifts to the golden girls
28. Celebrate plate
29. Milk in a bag
30. Juice in a bag
31. Butter on sale
32. Orderly rows of growth
33. Line bread in the heavy clouds that streaks a burst of pink at sunrise
34. Joy in the face of the children
35. 12” bike in the grass
36. Flicker of birthday candles
37. Lite Brite
38. Garden pot spinach
39. 3 RSVPs from friends
40. Flower hair clips
41. Candy necklaces
42. Melon seeds
43. Lucas’ value of family
44. Dad’s gift of service
45. Mom’s love language of gifts
46. Jessica’s commitment to family
47. Traci’s wisdom shared
48. Handprint on patio window
49. An attitude changed from frump to joyful
50. Family for birthday parties
51. God glorifying conversation with Dawn
52. Play group for the boisterous one
53. Teaching of the Word
54. Blue Letter Bible dissecting the Hebrew & Greek
55. Revelation from God – Proverbs 29:18
56. Challenge to know the engineer better & fall more in love with
57. Falling more in love with Jesus
58. Constant communion with Christ
59. Kelli
60. Hug from a new friend
61. The engineer meeting with with John
62. Poetry Café
63. Confidence of the compassionate one
64. Carli’s high five
65. Lemonade and cookies
66. Snapfish & shutterfly
67. Oil changed
68. Boisterous noticing forgotten lunch then walking to bus stop
69. Stephanie
70. Tani
71. Molly
72. Fresh creamy yogurt
73. Curl of ribbon
74. Balloons that bring smiles
75. Refrigerator
76. Dishwasher
77. Convection oven
78. Microwave
79. Running water
80. Smell of clean towel

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