Tuesday, April 24, 2012
Manna: the very sustenance nourishing the Israelites.  They were to collect just enough for the day ahead. Collecting excess would result in an ugly, smelly mess! Don’t I sometime, in a hurry or having too much to do, forego a gathering of “manna” (the Holy Spirit) in my morning, become that day-old manna: rotting, stinking and disgusting: to my Lord, to my husband, to my children, to my neighbors, friends, family. My spirit was designed to need replenishment every morning just as the Israelites had to gather their manna every morning. The Israelites did not lack anything as long as they admitted that they needed to go through this act every day. As I will not lack anything when I humbly approach my Lord asking for a filling of His Spirit daily.
1.     Boisterous one darting through the hallway after bedtime
2.     “Payback” on a bike ride hill
3.     Boisterous one “reading” the Bible
4.     Rocking chairs roll back and forth
5.     Running in the rain
6.     My Helper: God’s Holy Spirit
7.     Evening bike ride
8.     Sunglasses
9.     Smiles of passerbyers on the trail
10. Rhubarb, tart and tangy
11. Streusel
12. Piano Duets
13. Trumpet
14. Whirling breeze of ceiling fan at bedtime
15. Watching the Calculated blossom into the person God created her to be
16. Never being finished reading the Bible
17. Listening to the boisterous one quote scripture
18. Playing teacher
19. God directing steps

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