Draw near

Wednesday, April 25, 2012
You can’t get to know God from a distance. James 4:8 says, “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.” Something inside me the past two years has yearned to draw nearer to Him, to know Him better, to allow Him to reveal more truth to me. I receive this desire as a reward for taking time to seek Him. I’m grateful to the tools He used to draw me to Him:
1.       The Lord’s Table
2.       Anne Streeter’s Inductive Bible Study on Colossians
3.       Daniel Fast during Lent 2011
My struggle lately has been learning to love my husband more and more. I desperately want to be that couple married 50+ years claiming they love each other now more than the day they wed. And then while being taught James 4:8 yesterday, I realized that while Christ is my first and last bridegroom, Derrick is my bridegroom here in human flesh. Am I drawing nearer to him? My mentor told me, “Look at Derrick like when you first fell in love.” I have wrestled with what that looks like for three days and then in this teaching, God reveals it to me. I have to draw near to Derrick to really know him. I have to sacrifice getting more done in my day, having the dishes all put away, doing what I want to do in the evening, on the weekend. And even last night as I prayed with him before drifting off to sleep, I felt like I knew him and saw him in that first love’s light. Once more, God’s amazing blessing after obedience.
4.       Sunlight pouring through puffy thunderheads
5.       Respect being learned
6.       Zodiates
7.       Black stamens inside the tulip that stand in contrast to the light petals
8.       Ribbon
9.       Snow in July
10.   Warm spring evening drive alone
11.   Music that lifts spirits and pierces heart
12.   Allrecipes app
13.   Maps
14.   Jewelry
15.   Last of the trees finally budding out
16.   Getting to know women better
17.   Spring bling catching the sunlight and reflecting all over kitchen walls
18.   Calculated one’s repentant heart
19.   Look in the engineer’s eyes that says how much he loves me
20.   Finding the Bluetooth
21.   Joyous anticipation of a weekend at a cabin
22.   Mother-in-law that radiates peace, calm and servanthood
23.   Caringbridge website
24.   Doorbell ringing
25.   Verbal affirmation from the engineer
26.   Trimming the Maple “bushes” into trees
27.   Garden all tilled
28.   Long dark eyelashes
29.   Crockpots
30.   Roadtrips
31.   Nectar so that bees make honey
32.   Alarm clocks not set
33.   Lilacs beautiful green and aromatic flowers
34.   Walmart
35.   Missing my older sister…it means we have relationship
36.   Planting time
37.   Pencil, paper and planning
38.   Singing while playing piano
39.   Montana pumpkin seeds in Minnesota soil
40.   Order and organization
41.   Sleepy bed eyes that find mom to snuggle
42.   Sleeping in “sister’s” room
43.   The engineer hogging the bed
44.   Smell of ham in the oven
45.   Bright green crinkle in spinach leaves
46.   Unique shape of seeds
47.   Catching rainwater in buckets
48.   Fertilizer
49.   Preen
50.   2-4-D
51.   Joy that bright yellow dandelions bring little girls
52.   Lumber yard in town
53.   Milk  and orange juice in a bag
54.   Punch card for milk club
55.   Sisters playing school
56.   Beating the rain
57.   “Tomorrow” sung somewhat in unison by three golden heads
58.   Potlucks
59.   New recipes
60.   Endless variety of fabric...choices
61.   Leftovers for lunch
62.   Song of rain on windows
63.   Shelves
64.   Overhearing imaginative play
65.   Dirty blonde hair
66.   Dress jammies
67.   Sun freckles
68.   Lori
69.   Balance
70.   Cowlicks
71.   The engineer’s first soufflé
72.   “I’ll lick your cookie for you.”
73.   Sleeping in forts
74.   Sleepbags and pillows for padding against a concrete floor
75.   Nightlights
76.   Bedtime prayers in the fort
77.   Panentheism – Colossians 1:15-17
78.   Playing Hearts in the fort
79.   Allrecipes app
80.   Golden heads not fighting
81.   Naps that revive a spirit
82.   Emergen-C
83.   Garage organized
84.   The peacefulness felt by the engineer after the organization
85.   Mirrors that give more to see
86.   Straight orderly arch of irrigation system
87.   Alianese
88.   “Mom, you are gorgeous.”
89.   Moving the dining room chair closer to sister
90.   Nascar
91.   The engineer picking – it makes him him
92.   Blueberries
93.   Burps (or something worse) followed by “excuse me”
94.   Graceful flight of birds
95.   Pointy leaves of a maple
96.   Mystical haze in the morning air
97.   Silhouette of a small evergreen, zigzags from point to base
98.   Ical
99.   Squint of eyes that protect from sun, bugs & small flying dust particles
100.    Ingenious Creator
101.    Basil in a pot
102.    New mercies every morning
103.    Google
104.    Eagerness of the girls to spend time with mom and dad
105.    The engineer’s hand on me at daybreak, inviting me to snuggle closer
106.    Destination Dairy Queen bike ride
107.    Eight yellow turning black goslings swim and waddle between parents

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