Blue bird

Tuesday, March 20, 2012
Yesterday, in a moment of adversity, my negative attitude attempted to get the best of me. It often happens this way. Walking through my day, eyes fixed on Christ and then, oomph. Bump in the road. I am convinced that these bumps are Satan’s best attempt to gain a foothold in my life and be triumphant in taking my eyes off my Savior, my power. As I stewed over what an inconvenience my bump was, I reminded myself of what I had just discovered in reading, One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp. Eucharisteo: Give thanks for God’s gifts and joy will follow.  Okay God, I’m thankful that I have this day to spend with three golden heads. That I have food to make for lunch. And then He in all His graciousness sent me another gift as evidence of His grace. Right outside my kitchen window in the tree, I spy a blue bird.  This is not an everyday occurrence. I whisper, “Girls, come here quick. You got to see this!” I hoist one after another up on the kitchen counter and we peer out at the little guy. They had never seen a blue bird before. I recall the bluebird of happiness my friend has given me for a graduation gift, and then the little guy comes a little closer and perches up on the deck. We watched him until he flew away a few minutes later. And my heart immediately said, thank you Jesus for this gift. It is truly beautiful, not only the blue bird himself, but the opportunity to share God’s creative genius with golden heads. How can my heart not be overfilled with joy when I truly stop to thank Him for all things?